My dev story and why I chose Windows 10 platform.

Before making posts about my current projects and things related to them, I would like to write about how I became who I am today and why I chose Windows 10 as a platform for development.

My path as a software engineer started when I entered university in 2012. Before that I was making simple HTML pages for learning purposes and knew Visual Basic because it was taught at school. Like many people at that time I used Windows 7 on my laptop and after several months of intense C# learning I could write simple win32 and console applications.

I was passionate to make something useful but because of the lack of knowledge and free time, I couldn’t. I didn’t leave that idea and later when I had more leisure I started thinking of doing this “useful” once again and found that it would be nearly impossible to make something that people would at least notice (yeah, back there with little knowledge I had big plans). The absence of distribution platforms for win32 apps was one of the primary problems. I was considering to start learning Java in order to develop apps for Android, I had a device which I could use for testing purposes, but at that period of time I wanted to stick to C# because it is the language which was taught in university and it would be hard to do both studying and learning two programming languages at the same time. Things got better when Windows 8 released.

I will be honest, before installing Windows 8 on my laptop, I wasn’t quite sure that I’m going to like it, people were talking that it looks weird and some apps don’t work or missing and the UX is poor. But after a month of its official release I decided that I should try and see it by myself how is it to use Windows 8? I did it and this is one of the things which decided my current preferences. Since then I started paying more attention to Microsoft products because I was shocked by this OS. It changed nearly everything what I got used to. Previous versions of Windows like XP, Vista and 7 shared almost the same UI and apps which were developed by 3rd party developers are mostly win32 apps without centralized distribution center. And Windows 8 was a huge step forward. It gave a brand new visual look which was quite different from Windows 7 and what’s more important for me, it also brought Windows Store with the new kind of applications Windows Store apps (Metro-style apps).

At the same time with opening new features of the OS, I started learning more and more about metro apps and tried to use it in my university projects because I thought that this is how apps will be made in the future (though, many people didn’t share the way I was thinking). I liked the idea that an application can be written for both desktop and smartphone and share the same code. Later I found that one of my friends has Nokia Lumia 920. It was my very first time I could touch and see how Windows Phone works and I decided to completely move all my devices to Windows, I bought Nokia Lumia 1020 a month later after it released (I still have it but don’t use it). Even today it is still, in my opinion, great device. Since then if I would make a project for university purposes I did it for both my devices.

Then Windows 10 arrived and widened what was known as universal apps. A bit later I decided that my diploma project will be UWP application. It was the application which constructs and saves routes between points on the map using genetic algorithm and could do it even without Internet connection. While developing it, I learned a lot of new and came up with ideas for my future apps which I’m bringing to Store now. In the next post, I’ll write about my very first published application – Pin Files.

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