Pin Files. My first published app.

This is my very first published application in the Store. It took me a bit less than a month to develop, test and publish it. The idea of making it came to me in the time when I was studying. I haven’t been liking to have anything on my desktop so I’m keeping every application which I need at Start. I was writing a lot of reports using Word and the fastest way of opening documents was clicking right mouse button on the Word tile and choose the document which I needed to open. At first it was acceptable but in coarse of time the number of documents raised and lists of recent and pinned items couldn’t have them all. Then the same happened with Visual Studio. I thought I couldn’t be the one who’s missing that feature and decided to bring this feature to life by developing the application.

There were already apps which could do the same but some of them worked only on desktop version of Windows 10 and some could only pin the tile and that’s it but I wanted to give more. I thought it’s not going to be enough to just pin a tile so that users would prefer to download and use exactly my application because it would make almost no difference from other apps. First, I simply published the app just to see how’s the process of publishing works and then started updating the app with the new features. A huge impact made AppRaisin(check it, it’s a great way to find new apps and information about updates) and I’m really thankful to each of the feedback what was made, because of it the app received a lot of new and it also brought new users.

I’ll write about development issues and interesting things which I found during the time I was making it in the next posts and now just describe what the app can do:


  • Pin files, folders and websites to Start
  • Customize tile’s icon, background and title
  • Choose what application will be used to launch a file
  • Drag and Drop a file or folder from File Explorer, Desktop or OneDrive
  • After moving the pinned file, tile still will be opening it (PC only)
  • No ads, absolutely free

The list of the features will be growing, I’m constantly working under the realization of new features, so in close future users will see even more.